Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Ripple Binance Technical Analysis Chart 4/30/2019 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 2018

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57 thoughts on “Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Ripple Binance Technical Analysis Chart 4/30/2019 by

    1. Where is it located, and do they have FDIC insurance are the first two questions for me on any exchange.

  1. Greetings! I’m an environmental enthusiast and would like to draw your attention to the fact that crypto can and should be used in the eco heard about ASGARD project, they are making some kind of eco fund and their token has been listed on p2pb2b you please analyze this project? I’ve heard will give 10x minimum but wanted to hear some independent opinion.

  2. Dan – I am a professional permaculture/regenerative ag designer. I’ma big fan and I’d love to help you out if you’re interested in design help – Cheers

    1. +TheChartGuys That’s a good point. However, customer service is #1 for me. Gemini actually responds to you within 24 hours and their address is listed on their website. I’ve had my BTC stolen from weexchange and mtgox so when an ach deposit doesn’t come through on coinbase and it takes them over a week to answer why I get really nervous. Also, with gemini you can literally wire 1 million dollars into your gemini account and it’s there within 24 hours (most of the time just 1 one hour) then trade with it and wire it back out to your bank account and it’s there within 24 hours (most of the time just 1 hour). They don’t limit the amount that you can withdraw from your account if you use their wire option. Also, I would much rather party with the Winklevoss twins than Brian Armstrong.

  3. You don’t trust Binance?
    It’s funny…I don’t trust any American exchange….make me very uncomfortable.
    It’s Binance all the way baby

  4. Ecology is hugely popular right now because of all the environmental issues, do you know any crypto projects based on it? I think it can provide a good only one I know is ASG on p2pb2b

  5. Can you please check out ASG? They opened a limited token sale on are talking about serious capitalization, I’ve heard 10x and more ROI is possible.

  6. Very informative analysis on cryptos. Job well done! In addition to your account on Coin Base – try also Abra – your mobile phone becomes a wallet. It’s very convenient and well done.

    1. Yes, but I have been doing research and I found that it’s best to *insure the assets* that are not safe due to possible security issues in this new space. This is not an ad, Okay? I am not compensated in any way for telling you that using this service will help us to avoid slippage and friction associated with a busy marketplace. It is fully integrated with Symantech and is insured by using their special partnership with Lloyd’s of London. Check out Platon Coin and put it in this platform’s search engine to get a link to their channel. After that, you may decide to “Join the Club” like I did…

  7. Dan I appreciate your analysis immensely, thank you for helping so many others. I am curious about which tool or study youre using that specifies the values of swing highs and lows. I cant seem to locate it on Bittex but I would love to be able to use it.

  8. I personally think that sounds really interesting about videos on making a homestead. It’s something I have been considering myself.

  9. thanks Dan, Ive been buying the HIVE drama ! my first crypto play!I had to tell some one id share on FB but no one cares in the other sector.

  10. What do you think of the 12-26 EMA cross on the weekly?… happened twice, once before bull run in Oct 2015 and the bear one in Apr 2018..?

  11. I feel as though crypto has got the attention of a lot of young/newbie traders, which is great but people really wanting to see price moves “moon” should focus on adoption. That is what will create the parabolic moves the can create generational wealth. It means accepting crypto for payments, shopping at businesses who accept Bitcoin/Litecoin/Ethereum, and stepping outside the crypto eco-system to take about BTC to people who are not aware of the digital currency. We accept many forms of crypto and offer discounts for GPS car tracking devices to people who pay with Bitcoin or Litecoin — get moving!

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