Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Ripple Binance Technical Analysis Chart 4/28/2019 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 2018

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42 thoughts on “Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Ripple Binance Technical Analysis Chart 4/28/2019 by

    1. Sinematographers That’s very observant of you!
      …this was the first thing I noticed but I don’t think many viewers give it a second thought or drew the association. …I think he looks like a Byzantine Monk or JC from the old oil paintings 👍🏻

  1. An interesting observation: shorts pumped like crazy POST dump..30k shorts to 18k longs on bitfinex…almost 2 to 1 ratio of shorts to longs…this is a first for me

  2. Dude I made money averaging during the dump because i love buying fast moving hughe candles. Catching the knife. I just love doing so. Volatility is something I love because it shows me what to expect. So going fast shows to me that it the worst or best of the move. But then I gave all the money back as the f ing USDT undervalued and I shorted the bounce lol and bitfinex got up 300+ dollars than Kraken so it wasnt my fault. People panic and bough BTC with USDTs to get their money out or I don’t k now what

  3. Thanks Brotha! Social Media indicator…real talk. Just got my garden in. Do you get to garden with all of the traveling you do?.

  4. Another superstar video from the Time Traveler 😎. Worked with a Veteran group and did some deforesting in one our Forest Preserves on Saturday.

  5. You do realize that the altcoin market was already crashing before the “bitfinex scare” right? This dump has nothing to do with bitfinex, it is the result of overbought conditions imploding. The only people who talk about bitfinex are bulls who are sitting in the red with their margin trades.

    Will we stop blowing up? Fat chance. The sooner you recognize you’ve fallen for a CLASSIC bull trap (swallow your pride), the sooner you’d flip to short positions and get your money back. We will go down to 4600 and won’t see 5000 again until after 2020.

    1. +honky tonk honkler Christian war against brown skinned people will have no effect on the crypto market, given that 90% of the market is in East Asia and has nothing to do with what people elsewhere do or don’t do.

    2. +S Then BTC will surely go up to $6969.69 and ETH pump to $666.66.

      The entire crypto market will then shift to Antarctica and transform penguin society, altering the geopolitical relationship of penguins to non-penguins.

      That was a joke. But to reiterate, what industrial cultures of Europe (big oil, nuclear bombs, pollution, genocide and colonialism, etc) choose to do, will have little impact on the post-industrial world (crypto, global economy centered in Asia, environmentalism, digital cities, etc).

  6. There is barely any demand. It clearly looks like sporadic injections of capital to get a little bit a FUD going, with a fairly immediate profit taking event soon after after trapping the chasers in, I dont know.. is there any real reason for money to come into this market other than what we think money “should” be? The volume data is way to sketch. If reading volume data is part of your method of trading, you may be better served in FX.. i dont know.. The biggest ROI im getting from crypto these days is the retail reaction. The question for me is ” what is BTC really worth to me”? Right now, not 6K honestly.. Good luck!! thanks for the content

  7. When the regulators are ready is when “value” will be applied to the digitals. Looks like supply being injected into the MKT at just under 6K. They are testing/trapping.

  8. Technical note on your video. The round object on the wall behind you is placed such that it makes you look like you have a biblical halo. Could this mean that it is you (not Roger Ver) who is Bitcoin Jesus, showing us all how to divide our crypto loaves and fishes so that they multiply? 😉

  9. Thanks Dan we all appreciate you . Here’s a little tid bit. In my analyses I’ve stumbled across something very interesting. The slow line of the 3/10 oscillator on the weekly went from negative to positive in July 2015 and stayed there till April 2018 for the duration of the bull run. It has since been in the negative for the past year. This month for the first time in a long time it is again crossing the zero line into positive territory. I’m not saying to anyone that this means we are at the beginning of a bull run. However the 3/10 is a powerful tool I use in the stock market every day for confirmation. Could be useful here.

  10. Interesting to see ŁItecoin WEG Bank Crypto announcement on or around 1st May…..

    Bitcoin ‘Halving hype’ on the horizon..🌬..🏖

  11. imo you are giving to much weight to the bitfinex thing. its a really big nothing. they dont want to play ball with or have US customers and this isnt news. all this junk started back last oct and has been priced into the market bit by bit since. it sounds like the US has possibly frozen their funds because they refuse to play ball and be regulated by them. no need for alarm. its only a billion tether. lol. imo btc has run over 60% and was/is due for a pullback. tho sentiment is bullish atm, 4800 is still pretty possible.

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