A LOT Of Good News For Bitcoin! Samsung Invests $2.9 Million in Ledger! [Crypto News]

Samsung Invests In Ledger | TD Ameritrade Testing Bitcoin & Litecoin On NASDAQ | Highest Level Of Bitcoin Transactions Per Day Since Bull Run

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Samsung Invests $2.9 Million in Crypto Hardware Startup Ledger

Samsung Invests $2.9 Million in Crypto Hardware Startup Ledger


$1 Trillion Brokerage Giant TD Ameritrade is Quietly Testing Bitcoin

eToro is giving away $1,650,000 worth of Ethereum for free

Number of confirmed Bitcoin transactions per day hits highest level since last bull run

The amount of USDT printed in the last 3 weeks is equal to the amount printed from Jan 2017-Dec 2017. Let that sink in.

2,000 More US Grocery Stores Enable Bitcoin Buying at Coinstar Machines

2,000 More US Grocery Stores Enable Bitcoin Buying at Coinstar Machines

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220 thoughts on “A LOT Of Good News For Bitcoin! Samsung Invests $2.9 Million in Ledger! [Crypto News]

  1. Us early adopters better wake up because BSV is trying to take over ALL crypto. They want everything to ride on their chain and they are rolling out massive new infrastructure for users. They are criminals, in my opinion, that really is being pushed by the banks. They do not want to LOSE CONTROL…

    1. Altcoin Daily no who is behind the BSV push. Here is what they just put out. youtu.be/luYHAYrV6EU
      When CZ delisted BSV a large exchange decided to delist BCH in response? This same exchange holds massive amounts of Ripple, BTC and LTC. This is the company. SBI holdings – exchange VCtrade
      These guys may be jokers but they are in earnest.

    1. +Andrew Liffey you could just grind out 300 dollars in a few hours money isn’t hard unless you’re just poor

    2. +Smelly Saltlick are you literally commenting that back to everyone ??? Wtf, he asked for giveaway suggestions and tbh no $300 is not a lot of money. You must have a really low ‘a lot of money ‘ bar

    1. There was an article that came out claiming that they are pumping and dumping they’re own coin for profit. This is one of the reasons why ripple does not obey technicles.

    2. +Robert Tomkinson Are you saying Ripple (the company) is manipulating the price of xrp (the crypto) in order to make profits?

  2. Every BTC pop sold off yet again. At this rate we won’t see $20K till around 2085. Regardless, I’m convinced it won’t be in most of our lifetimes.

    1. Robert Tomkinson I disagree. And so far, looking over the last year and a half, I’m correct. And won’t be proven incorrect unless BTC magically pops another $15,000

    2. Robert Tomkinson Annnnnnnd $13 BILLION just wiped out in a few hours. Wait till u see what happens over the next few months. Hint: it ain’t goin’ up.

    3. +Biff Bifford . Bitcoin has been in a bear market for over a year. The price has gone down. “At that rate”, bitcoin will go to $0 according to your logic.

    4. Robert Tomkinson No. Not zero. Not even close. However, it most certainly is NOT going anywhere near $20K, mainly because any and every pop is sold off. As we just saw yet again last night. It’s odd that despite my accurate predictions and proof follow through, you refuse to acknowledge reality and admit I’m correct. You sound like a liberal Democrat. Lol

    1. I signed up for both etoro and the wallet, was verified, and it didn’t give me any eth, and now the wallet says it is a limited release mode and is not available to the public. 🙁

  3. I bought the Ledger Nano S last year. Since then, nothing but problems especially after they did the last update. Now I can’t update the Nano nor add a coin to it. I got an email after trying to get their tech support to help me, stating they are aware of the update problem, blah blah blah. I’ve ordered the Ellipal cold storage wallet and will get it tomorrow. Nano S is a POS. And I’m not the only one who has mentioned the above problems.

    1. I bought the ledger nano x 2 months ago and all I got was an email saying there were technical problems and the shipping was delayed Bla Bla Bla. Up till now, no news from them. I’m very disappointed.

    1. Rediculous story. To obvious. You would have to be a complete idiot to be at a loss if you bought in feb 2017. Either that or a SCAMMER!!!!!

  4. Please keep up with Samsung and let us know how we can get in on it early…. once you know. Again Thanks for the early knowledge. First I have heard about this… Thanks 🤑

  5. Давным-давно не было возможности купить токен Telegram Gram, но теперь это возможно, сегодня на buycoin.pro/ есть публичный этап ico.

  6. Did ya mean 0.29 billion?   You were too fast in putting your title up.   I read it, and thought…  ‘2.9 million isn’t that much’      Good info though, careful with dem titles.

  7. USDT is more liquid and has good value so hard to say “don’t use”. I would agree with you but in a pinch might be hard to say no if that is the fastest trade.

  8. Good video as always. I’m excited about Brave rewards going live maybe you could give us an update. I’ve been using the brave browser since it was released but now I can earn BAT to donate to my favorite content creators. Brave is changing the game!!

  9. This is why I am lovin’ this adoption phase. New cars & phones coming preloaded with wallets. Samsung is not the only cellphone push in this direction. Affordable smart phones made available to the unbanked was a huge push @ only ~ $70 – 80 each. The rolling out of advertisement social engineering that many projects are actively rocking out is putting the buzz in many new ears. More and more the link of Crypto to actually being used as a daily use case for transactions becoming easier with bar code and debt cards is huge including NFC connectivity. We are at the doorstep of the beginning of adoption. The big breakdown will be the news politically as so much turmoil with the finally released Mueller Report. The 💩will surely hit the fan in the weeks to come all the way to first week in November that huge names will be brought forward to face very wrong doings. The fact that the Trump Administration has gained somewhat control over the Federal Reserve is a huge factor as we roll out our new economic system. The big change is coming. The change in regulations, the change in fiat from debt note to backed by actually something with value , to digital cash aka crypto currency as actual $$ , no longer speculative. Boy oh boy, are we lucky or what?! I say this because the big g boys have been sitting in the wind waiting with literally multiple trillions of dollars 💵 to convert into this new system. Those positioned underneath, get ready for a wild ride. This is what Bix from Road to Roota was speaking of ” Rip your Face off Gains ” where not hundreds of Percent gains but thousands of % gains will take place which will leave very little room for the type of manipulation we have been use to seeing in the past with market caps that large. A great time to be alive👍🏽 🤝 🇺🇸WWG1WGA. THIS IS a Worldwide evolution. Embrace this. I remember when I bought my LTC @ $140 down to $27 or my XRC @ $15 or I was lucky to get ” *** ” when it was $$ (insert your favorite ). Just stories to tell your friends that are asking you for advice next year because you seem so darn savvy and upbeat in the crypto world. 🤐😎✌️

    1. 💥 BOOM . Whoop there it is! Archive this : 1) Yep, I started accumulating XRC when it was just under $20 back in 2019! (Open in 2024) 😍
      2) My Great-Grandfather started accumulating the family’s wealth in the early 21 century which essentially built the dynasty we have today 🤴
      3) here lies …… RIP What I will leave for the next generation is the goal. I have many wants but very few needs and tend to put the needs of others before myself. The most precious thing we possess my friends is time and for each of us on this Gods green earth is finite. As I know that I have more days behind me than in front of me. Our existence continues through our children. I only ask of the world to Be kind to one another. It is infectious. Blockchain will change the world but People are ultimately the key. It is up to us to make this world a better place for all humanity and the creatures that roam it.

    2. If I happen to be a top comment, (which I highly doubt since I am shadow banded and virtually every highlighted comment gets a dark bar over it), I suggest a deep dive into what the heck Cosmos ATOM is and what will be its contribution to Blockchain as a whole. This is evolutionary. Yeah, I know most will want you to give something away and as much as I would like you to do a deep dive into a half dozen other projects, I believe that ATOM is extremely important, more than an investment but as what it it developed to actually accomplish. 😢Sadly, I made the decision to sell all my LTC , not because I don’t believe in it, I do. I actually love ❤️ LiteCoin but I have severed all emotional from trades and continue with my plan. I want to get more but unfortunately this is not the time. Soon it will be time to swap Altcoins for BTC and restructure my portfolio: phase III of the plan.

    3. Altcoin Daily I appreciate that, thanks. With the surge will bring yawl more and more subscribers. The question is in what direction will YouTube go in? Will there be choices? Oh yeah as there are many now. Social medias have come and gone. As censorship get further worse and worse towards American citizens I speculate that it will be replaced in time or greatly adapt. Time will tell. Just like the mainstream media/news will change as 6 very large entities control 90% to date. By 2026 that will be a whole new realm. The breakup will come by 2022. 👀Watch and see. Sadly investigative reporting has dissipated and narratives are pressed across the board. Right now is the beginning of a shake out. The ones that want to survive will start to brake from the seditious lies against the sitting POTUS and shed light on the current outcomes of the treasonous acts of highly ranked political figures past and present as well as many large corporations. There is a big storm comin’. I haven’t been just sitting back and watching but trying to be proactive in the movement of this global revolution.

    4. Altcoin Daily A lot of info coming out on: xceltoken.com/ Airdrop is actively rocking out and currently well over 110,000 wallets holding this project. I have been doing research on this but didn’t see huge potential. Maybe I was wrong. Wouldn’t have been the first time. That’s for sure.

  10. Hey guys, liked the video and gave it a thumbs up. Bitcoin was a bit bearish lately but thanks for keeping the bulls informed

  11. Your videos are excellent, everyday I get some knowledge on crypto by watching them.
    Can you pls post a video or any reference links on how to store crypto in ledger.
    Which ledger version you suggest, S or X? I have good amount of Vet and Dgb. Your suggestion enlightened me to buy one immediately. 😊

    1. Naresh Kumar Kakumani , Nano S is probably easier and cheaper at the moment, there’s tons of videos already out there on setting it up and using. You can store a max of 5 different types of coins on each Nano S

  12. I use both ledger and trezor. I prefer trezor. How did you like that nano s update that Highly limited number of apps on device. Pain in the arse. I would guess they will limit support for nano s in the future, making it obsolete.

  13. Bitfinex exit scam soon? Mt Gox 2.0 in the making. Remember tether not backed up by USD fiat anymore just a few weeks ago article.

  14. Take a look at the ellipal hardware wallet it’s completely air gapped you scan the QR code to confirm the transaction I got one and it’s the only hardware wallet I recommend for a person just getting into this space it’s extremely easy to setup and the support team is top notch and will walk you through everything www.ellipal.com/

  15. eToro does not reward customers in the US for opening an account. Quote eToro customer service “Please note at this time it is not possible for US customers from the state of Florida to deposit into the eToro platform and receive the 0.1 Eth into their eToro wallet.”

    1. +InstaGraph Digital Printing I downloaded the app and tested it. It functions more like an exchange with an attached wallet. And yes, you’re right, I would not hold my private keys. Too risky for me

  16. Record a video where you go around knocking on company doors saying “do you have a moment to talk about our lord and saviour, Bitcoin?”

  17. Man,Samsung is going all out! Wherever prices end up this year (I still strongly think 4.2k BTC is more likely than 6k short to mid term) the future(next 2 to 4 years) is bright.

    1. Thanks for the support fellow investors, just bought another 100$ during today’s price dip of 5000$. 🚀🚀🚀

    2. Sun Lens Films just buy when you can however often you can on the way down over then next few months or so then it’s to the moon

    3. +Sun Lens Films Strong work! I’ve been buying all the way down and I’ll keep buying. If BTC goes to 100,000 are you going to complain about buying at 5,200 instead of 4,800? That’s why I just buy. I believe in the long term.

  18. Only about 12 hours left…over 800 likes needed. I don’t think it’s gonna happen.
    *and I will not be giving away money. Especially XRP… you can’t give away something you don’t own.

  19. Looking to get some BTC or something you guys are interested in doing a giveaway/raffle…lol

    Great job on the video guys!

  20. Aaron in this day of kids living on their smart phones and Samsung is leading the market.. this mean main stream adoption. Nano S give away for comments …. just an idea

  21. All this good news has no dam effect on price so clearly its all rigged and we should hodl and wait until they figure out when we will be rich.

    1. We will have our lambos the day the world announces which coin becomes the world reserve and which coin will be used to consolidate the derivatives the world created out of our debt bondage.

  22. Funny how you mentioned this morning that you should not use usdt and then this evening everything goes down. Sunny Decree says it was due to Tether. USDC, Tusd and usds went up while usdt went down. Also, I wanted to know if you think btc will go down further than it did this evening before the bull run? I’m not saying a new bottom. Of course that is just my uneducated guess. However… when I look at the charts it doesn’t look right to me. Maybe I’m just not used to seeing so much upward movement.

    1. You are right it is not going to happen…..there is no value from this info. You simply reffer to some articles.

  23. Ledger need to do more! It’s safe to assume that every Bitcoin that’s not on a Ledger (or Trezor) is in the wrong hands. Exchanges and trusted institutions can short BTC if they choose to do so but WITH THEIR OWN MONEY. Opening accounts and buying BTC is easy; it’s the part where you get the bright idea to try to do a backflip. The second part of the skill (the landing on your feet part) is more important. That’s the part where you learn how to get YOUR BTC on YOUR Ledger. IMHO Ledger have to make videos all the time and talk non-stop about their product–it has to become common sense. They need brick and mortar shops with actual people just waiting to help onboard the next customer (without keeping any personal info)./// BTW Singularitynet have been working like dogs lately. Nobody can say about them that they are copycats, that’s for sure. If the timing for this fantastical Sci Fi tech is right, they are miles ahead of the tech giants.

  24. Just went in huge on the eos dip, there going to make a huge announcement in June I expect a great return in may. Buy the rumors sell the news this strategy worked with ada a few weeks ago.

  25. Given that I was a complete inexperienced person I have fought so greatly for an extended time on my journey to make money over the internet but then the good news is this mysuccess.live?932 aided me make good income

  26. Seriously etoro sucks. 25$ for transferring money. The 0.1 ETH is a sucker move. Just buy at bitstamp or coinbase. Trade at binance. Etoro is a pretty bad platform.

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    If you are still confused or have any questions that you will love to ask about the ways to make profit trading you can contact eriklarsson888@gmail.com for all your enquiries.

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